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Premium Knee Sleeves - Laser Black

Caroline O'Mahony

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Advance your lifting game and protect your knees with our high-performance knee sleeves. 

Key Features:
Joint Support: Crafted from premium compressive neoprene material, these sleeves are engineered to deliver maximum joint compression and support, making them your go-to choice for safeguarding your knees during those heavy-duty lifts like squats, leg presses, and deadlifts.
Unisex Sizing: Offering Unisex Sizing for ease of comfort. Please note that our Knee Sleeves run large, so consult our sizing guide to find your ideal match.

*Carrier Travel Bag Included

Sizing Guide (Knee Circumference):

- XS: 32cm-35cm
- S: 36-39cm
- M: 40-44cm

Don't compromise on safety and performance when it comes to your knee protection. Invest in our top-of-the-line knee sleeves and experience the peace of mind that comes with proper joint support.
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