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The Strength Bundle

Caroline O'Mahony

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Premium 4" Leather Lifting Belt - Focus White (Size):
Premium Knee Sleeves - Laser Black (Size):

Unleash the strength within with our exclusive 'Strength Bundle' – a powerhouse trio meticulously curated to elevate your lifting game. This bundle includes our best-selling lifting belt, supportive knee sleeves, and a premium duffle bag to carry your essentials.

The lifting belt provides crucial lumbar support, ensuring stability and proper form during heavy lifts. Our knee sleeves offer compression and joint support for enhanced performance and injury prevention. Plus, the spacious and durable premium duffle bag keeps your gear organised and ready for action.

XS Sizing: XS Lifting Belt & S Knee Sleeves
S Sizing: S Lifting Belt & S Knee Sleeves
M Sizing: M Lifting Belt & M Knee Sleeves
L Sizing: L Lifting Belt & M Knee Sleeves

Uncompromising strength meets unparalleled convenience – invest in the 'Strength Bundle' and conquer every workout with confidence. 

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